Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life Gets Busy!

I haven't said much about this before, but my boyfriend and I take care of his sister, Robbie and her husband, Bob. They both have Alzheimer's.

Bob had his left leg amputated above the knee on July 30th of this year. He went to a nursing home for twenty days. He came back home on this past Monday.

He is doing pretty well. He is, understandably, afraid to stand on his one leg. At six foot tall, that would be a long fall.

He has lost the ability to know when he must urinate and wears diapers now. That sensation may return. He knows when he needs to sit on the bedside commode to defecate, but does not know when he actually does.

Robbie, bless her heart, tries to care for him, but she just isn't able to. When he wants an extra blanket, she will take the he one has and put another one on him.

He has learned that he can raise his hips and pull his own pants up.

When the staples come out of the stump, September 4th, they will start shrinking it so that he can be fitted for an artificial leg.

Please, learn the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's so that if a loved one of yours develops it, it can be caught early and treatment begun.

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