People ask me to tell about myself and I really don't know of much interesting about myself.

I was born in Charlottesville, Virginia. We left when I was two weeks old. I was raised up mostly in North Carolina but as a child lived also in South Carolina, Florida, Alabama and Tennessee. After my first marriage I added Georgia to that list.

At seventeen, a mere fifty-six days before my eighteenth birthday I was married for the first time. Our divorce was finalized twenty-four years and eleven days later. We have ten beautiful children. Only eight are now living-one having left this Earth a mere eighty days after coming to it. Another son, passed from complications of severe cerebral palsy eight days after his fifteenth birthday.

We also have lots of grandchildren-no reason to put a number here-I'd be changing it too often.

I am in Middle Tennessee with my second husband. We also care for his elderly sister who has late stage Alzheimer's.

Most of the children and grandchildren are here in Tennessee and we visit when we can.

The oldest is in Texas with her family. The next is a LPN Home Health Nurse and lives only fourteen miles down the road with her family. The oldest living son is four hours away in East Tennessee.

6 July 2012

Much has changed since the above part of this bio was written. My second husband crossed over the River Jordan on 19 January 2012 from Liver Failure. I have moved deeper into Hickman County, Tennessee on a small working homestead. Another grand son has arrived. My two eldest daughters have moved-the one in Texas back to her birth place of South Carolina and now back here to Tennessee. The LPN is about the same distance, just in another direction.

Life does go on after the death of a loved one.

14 September 2017

Wow! Time doesn't stand still for any one.

I have a wonderful fiance, more grand children. A new job I absolutely love.