Saturday, March 8, 2008

Things I Like To Do

  1. Learn about my heritage of being Waccamaw. You can learn more about the Waccamaw Indian Peoples of South Carolina by clicking here.
  2. Typing in the Courier Font.
  3. Working my part-time job of Night Auditor at a motel.
  4. Spending time with my grandchildren.
  5. Telling the stories of my children's births and childhoods.
  6. Living naturally.
  7. Planning to set up the tipi a friend made for me.
  8. Learning how to be spiritual as opposed to being religious.
  9. Listening to music--all genres--Big Band, Old Time Rock, Celtic, Native American, Country (new & old), and pretty much all the rest of it!
  10. Working with all those that have joined my Talking Circle at Native Pathways.
  11. Crocheting
  12. Knitting
  13. Sewing
  14. Gardening
  15. Cooking
  16. Ironing
  17. Hanging the laundry on an outside line to dry.
  18. Reading
  19. Collecting
  20. Origami
  21. Going dancing--or dancing in the living room, yard or wherever I happen to be when the mood hits!
  22. Spending time on Care2.
  23. Reading random articles at Wikipedia.
  24. Helping people.
  25. Beading
  26. Making Leather bags
  27. Being in nature
  28. Being with my loved ones.
  29. Finding bargains.


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