Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Earrings I Made

I have dabbled in making jewelry. I happen to have pictures of some pieces.

The crocheted pieces came about due a dear friend/sister. She ordered me some crochet "cotton" on eBay, thinking it was worsted weight and I could re-coup from a recent illness by crocheting washcloths.

Well, it was thread, mostly #10.

The beaded pair are the results of combining beading and Dream Catchers.

The pair here was made for my second daughter. They are also the pair I submitted, by detailed photo, to the Arts & crafts Council of my Tribe to become a certified Native American Artisan. (I also submitted my profile picture as that Regalia was made by me and a leather bag I made. They'll be posted if I ever discover which CD they are stored on.)


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