Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oreo Cookie Truffles-YUM! YUM!

I have a newly discovered sweet wonder! A lady came through my check-out line at Wal-Mart in Dickson, TN and told me about making truffles with Oreo cookies. At the next break I got online and discovered the easy recipe and proceeded to buy the ingredients when I clocked out that night.

Many thanks to this un-named lady!!!

Here is my recipe with variations:

While shopping I bought the Great Value brand of regular Oreo type cookies and the Oreo Berry Burst Ice Cream (strawberry) and Oreo Mint and Cream flavors.

I also procured strawberry Flavoring, Mint Flavoring, 1 8 ounce package of cream cheese per bag of cookies and various sprinkling toppings (finely crushed pecans, colored sugar, coconut) and Hershey's Dark Chocolate Chips, regular chocolate chips for melting and dipping.

You will also need wax or parchment paper.

At home I took one flavor of cookies (strawberry), crushed them in my non-electric food processor (it is very similar to the one seen here.) Then I dumped it into a mixing bowl, added a teaspoon of strawberry flavoring and the room temperature cream cheese. After trying to mix this with a wooden spoon, I decided to put a disposable exam glove on and mixed with my hand.

I sat the bowl in the fridge for about an hour while the cookie sheet lined with wax paper was in the freezer getting cold.

Then I used a small ice cream scooper/cookie dough scoop-it looks like this-to scoop the dough out onto the cold, lined cookie sheet.

I then set the balls in the freezer and proceeded to melt a bag of Hershey's Dark Chocolate Chips-adding just a touch of paraffin.

I took the very cold truffle dough and rolled in the melted chocolate and paraffin, placed back on the cold, lined cookie sheet then sprinkled with red, white and green candy sprinkles from the cake decorating department. Do the sprinkles while the chocolate is still warm and sticky!

These were then placed back in the fridge to harden.

I will be making these smaller--most recipes I found on the Internet said "walnut sized balls"--I think about half that size is better for party trays or even to give as gifts.

I used regular, alcohol based flavorings but feel that the oil based ones sold in the cake decorating section would be better.

You could use white chocolate for dipping and add food colorings to suit your taste or the occasion.

The plain ones, just regular Oreo cookies will have coconut sprinkled over some and finely chopped pecans sprinkled over some.

Colored sugar doesn't look exactly right on dark chocolate but may on white chocolate.

You could also dip in melted peanut butter chips or butterscotch chips.

You could dip in dark or sweet chocolate, let harden then drizzle with melted white, dark or milk chocolate, peanut butter or butterscotch chips. Please-if anyone could have a peanut allergy do not even consider opening anything with peanuts or a peanut warning on the label in your kitchen for several days before you make these or until after you have removed these from your kitchen.

I can see these in so many ways! This just may become as popular and famous as my Two Handed Oatmeal Cookies!