Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Native Americans and Tribal Cards

First of all let me say this, no one living in this time period can ever, nor should they be expected to "make up for the wrongs of their ancestors".

Not all people of any one race are bad nor all people of any one race good. There is a goodly mixture of both.

I am appalled that the current government nor recent past ones have even begun to fully honor the treaties with the descendants of the indigenous/aboriginal/native peoples of this land.

Now on to my subject matter.

I am very proud to carry a tribal membership card. It is the proof I need to prove who I am. Who my ancestors were and are.

Who needs this proof?

Me? No. I need no card to prove to myself who I am or what DNA runs through my body and soul.

It is to prove it to all the doubting Thomas' out there.

Now, I will not state my position on this, but ask yourself this question: What race of people, in America, is required to PROVE their race other than the Native/indigenous/aboriginal people?

Your list will be very short indeed.

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