Monday, March 31, 2008

What to blog about?

I have thought about what to blog about for a time now. This blog is sort of generic. Its not about one aspect of me or my life, but its about ME!

Over the years I have discovered, and at first these discoveries were hard ones, that many people do not agree with me and what I have to say or think.

These discoveries are not as hard now. It does not hurt my feelings when it comes out that people think I am "weird", "crazy" or whatever word they wish to label me with. For those people I have but one thing to say, "GET A JOB LABELING JARS, NOT PEOPLE!"

Being myself is not meant to offend anyone. Its just me being me. Its one of those unalienable rights that we are born with and no one can take from us, nor can we give it away. Its not just an unalienable right--it is a duty for each of us to be ourselves and not even try to be someone else.

So, if you are easily offended, it may just be time to stop reading my blog.

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