Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last 2008 Update on my Brother

Well, unless something drastic or miraculous occurs!

When I went to Pau Wau I stopped at Mama & Don's both ways. Don is getting around for short distances fairly well. You can see the pain on his face at times though.

I was very surprised to see his right leg bowed out so badly. It is apparently because the hospital in Atlanta had him placing weight on it much, much too soon after the surgery.

He is still going to therapy several times a week. Sometimes we will be talking and he tells me the therapist was either hard or easy on him. LOL

The doctor recently verified that he will bee 100% disabled for the rest of his life.

Don was pretty good artist at one time and he is thinking about making greetings cards.

A lady at church that is also disabled but able to drive is taking Don to his appointments so Mama does not have to take days off work anymore. Many thanks to Laurie for doing this.


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