Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Brother Enters Rehab

Don enters a rehabilitation hospital next week.

Mother called them about getting physical and occupational therapy. After she told them about his accident and his subsequent discharge from Grady Memorial Hospital.

The staff at Greenwood Regional Rehabilitation Hospital were very surprised, to say the least, that my brother had been discharged from Grady without these services in place.

He was discharged home (he lives alone so Mother had him transported by a private ambulance service to her home) without the ability to move about and no skilled care of any sort arranged. He was given strict instructions to not "drop" his leg when moving from the bed to the wheelchair or back as if he did so he would never walk again.

He had been hospitalized for nineteen days without having had a bowel movement, encountering two bouts in the operating room, the last was for twelve hours. He was only properly bathed once while there by the staff.

Note--this is a Workman's Comp claim and the Medical Social Worker kept telling Mother and I that we had to file for Medicaid for him.

At least now i can rest easier knowing that our seventy-one year old Mother will not be moving him around and risk hurting herself or him. He will get the skilled nursing care he needs and intensive therapy.

Many thanks to all those that check these updates and continue to pray for him and our family.

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