Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Catch-up Time

Today has been a day of catching up.

My filing was way behind. My desk was stacked to the bottom of my monitor. There was an empty box that legal size paper came in that was full. There was also a hospital wash pan full.

That is all done including scanning things from those piles onto the computer!

I still have a lot left to do:

  1. Scan a 500+ page document into .pdf format. (It's something that needs sharing with people and its faster and cheaper to share in electronic format as opposed to making copies and mailing.)
  2. Writing letters concerning a medical discount program scam that cost me close to $200.
  3. Sending out catalogs for one of my businesses.
  4. Organizing my craft stash.
  5. Taking pictures of my completed projects and getting them up here and on Chakwaina's Creations.
  6. Figuring out what is wrong with a HP Business Inkjet 1200n printer a friend gave me. Even though it is set to print in black it prints nothing. If I set it to print in grayscale it all comes out in blue.

Then to relax, I bought some jewelry wire and am planning to make it into some necklaces.

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