Thursday, June 5, 2008

Good News, Not So Good News

While my brother, Don, was in the rehabilitation hospital for two weeks, Mother had her bathroom remodeled for him to access it.

It had this huge "Garden" tub in it. She now has a shower stall in it. The man that did the work for her only charged for the materials--Blessings to him!

Don went to the orthopedist and was told he would not be able to return to work for at least a year, he is not to bear weight on either leg for six weeks and not on his hips for twelve weeks.

The right leg was not set properly in the break just below the knee. It has to be rebroken and set again. He will need knee replacement within the next year or so and decided to wait till then to have this done.

The bone is off to one side and poking his skin. The knee appears to be half missing from the outside.

He was allowed to see the x-rays--is comment was that he never knew a person could hve that much metal in them.

He can get in the hospital bed from the wheelchair and from the wheelchair to the couch and shower.

The pain is subsiding somewhat.

He is reading a lot and went to church with Mother for preaching last Sunday.

Mother was going to have her home alarm system cut off due to she is not working to take care of Don. The operator questioned her about why she was cutting it off and when she explained they gave her one month free and reduced the monthly monitoring by $11.00 for life! More Blessings!!!

Again, Don has asked me to convey thanks to all that have been sending prayers and good thoughts.

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