Sunday, September 21, 2008

Remember to Complain, Forget to Praise

It has been a great few days but as I work with the public it is pretty much anything goes.

The boss is out of town and "Murphy" of Murphy's Law fame does live very close to the workplace and comes by to visit on occasion.

Since Friday many people have complimented me on my great customer service and all the little extra things I have done to make their experience here more pleasant.

These people did not fill out a survey card and drop it in the comments box. They did not call the corporate office and tell them how impressed they are with the company due to my wonderful attitude and customer service skills.

However, I will remember these people and their praise will stay in my heart and spur me to continue to always to my best and treat people as humans.

Today there were two complainers. One I believe was a misunderstanding and the other just wanted a freebie.

Did they call the corporate office? Well, of course.

That is fine. That is one of the reasons we have managers and supervisors.

It sure would have been nice if just one of the people that saw how I was doing all I could to be friendly and helpful would have made sure the head honchos knew that also.

Please, let the managers and supervisors of the businesses you use know when someone is doing a good job.

You never know, but if all that ever gets reported are complaints, your fav grocer checker just may get fired.

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