Friday, September 19, 2008

Brother's Shoulder Surgery

The doctor's operated on Don's shoulder this past Tuesday, the 16th of September 2008.

There was a bad rotator cuff tear. The surgery was successful and out-patient.

They also cut a small slit in his leg and removed the screw put in at the hospital in Atlanta. It was close to breaking through the skin. The Atlanta hospital had him standing up and doing too much physical therapy much too soon. This caused the already poorly repaired leg to start deteriorating before it could even start healing.

The shoulder is immovable for five to six weeks. In two to three months physical therapy can be started on the shoulder-all according to the healing process. It will be approximately six months before the shoulder will be healed.

According to how fast the shoulder heals and the therapy goes, it will be three to four months before the doctors can go in a repair the leg.

Again, we all thank you for the prayers and good thoughts.

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