Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lots Of Things

This day was productive.

I made several bead rings. These will be offered for sale at Pau Wau this year. 

My hubby's friend went with me to the paid storage building and we got the sewing machine, lots of cloth, and a few odds and ends.

We came back and straightened up the storage building here--hoping that will be a full fledged Craft Room by January--hint, hint Honey. (My birthday is in January.)

Then, we realized we had to go back over to the paid storage building as my jewelry making supplies were not here. Note-It was starting to storm outside. Luckily the rain held off a few hours.

Brought a box in the house that needs to be gone through. Bet most of it can be trashed.

Sat down and watched "Every Which Way But Loose" while I beaded "Dakota" in pale yellow with a pale green background.

Yes, it is very hard to read. I believe it will be made into a choker for her. She's still too small for a bracelet with her name. Little bugger, she pulls her earrings out then tries to take her Mom's out!

Giorgianna and I went to Linden, Tennessee the other day. Stopped at the Cane Creek Market. Bought a new mortar and pestle, Farmer's Cheese, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, bologna, and oil based natural flaorings to use in some of my products.

Nothing like shopping at a true country market!

Hubby has been sickly the last few days--seems to have bronchitis, but you know these hard headed men!!! Refuses to go to the doctor. Of course going to the VA can be a true pain at times.

Had a pattern made to make Ms. Robbie some jumpsuits that zip up the back--she has an annoying habit of taking her Depends off and then wetting herself. She also has developed a habit of tearing them apart and flushing them down the toilet.  That gell just swells and stops it up. A friend snaked the toilet for us last week.  She will also play in the poop in the toilet--this was the best way I could figure to stop these activities.

I will be working on getting at least three made this week.

Here are some pictures one is the bead work for Dakota's choker and the other some of the bead rings:

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