Monday, August 23, 2010

Helping Brings Blessings

We all need to learn, rich and anything above poor, to give. It matters not how much money we have or the government takes from us, if that is shared with the less fortunate.

We can help in many ways, time--go donate a few hours to a soup kitchen or Habitat for Humanity or go fix that broken porch or leaky faucet or the single parent in the neighborhood or the widow or the elderly couple or the kid just of school that is on their own now.

Next time you go shopping buy a bag of bath soap, toilet paper, feminine supplies, shampoo, etc. and some groceries and go leave it on the door step of someone you know needs it--and you do know!

The surplus from your garden, do you preserve it or toss it? Why not share it.

Ask the harried parents at church or in the neighborhood if they would like a couple hours without the children and take their children to McDonald's for an hour or the park or to come watch cartoons with yours and pop some popcorn.

Set up a clothing and toy exchange in the neighborhood and make sure the family that has nothing to exchange does get something for each child and parent.

Sew? Offer to mend someone's clothing. Not everyone knows how to sew.

What we do for others, be it good or bad, will come back to us and our children-for 7 generations--

Are you blessing or cursing your great grandchildren??

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