Thursday, August 30, 2012

Help Heal Phoenix


Phoenix and his twin brother Malachi were born prematurely by emergency c-section. Their Mother discovered her pregnancy when she went to the doctor for missed periods and he told her that as she had undergone a tubal ligation and was using back-up birth control she wasn't pregnant. After an exam the doctor said she had a "missed miscarriage" and wanted to do a D&C. 

Misty refused. She preferred to wait to see if her body would do this on its own. Weeks later she was told was pregnant-one baby. She planned a weekend retreat to tell the Daddy. Before that weekend came, he was killed in a car wreck .Now she is told she is expecting twins. She chooses names. Though her heart is breaking, she has other children and these two wonderful Gifts from God on the way. She must go on. Now the news is that the babies are sharing not only an amniotic sack (bag of waters) they are sharing the same placenta.(Learn more about MoMO Twins here.) This makes it nearly impossible for both babies to live to birth. As a matter of fact, she was told no less than three times that Phoenix was dead. 

She is put on bed rest. During this time my husband was nearing the end of his walk on this earth. Misty had offciated at our Wedding. He asked for her. She came. Sat with us as much as she could. When he passed, she was there to bless the gound and perform his last Ceremony.

A few weeks before the birth Misty was told Phoenix had a "small hole" in his heart. Nothing bad-they would give him some medication for 24 hours after he was born and all would be well. I got there right after the Cardiologist left--Phoenix indeed had a small hole in his heart-along with several other heart defects. There was a name for it-Tetrology of Fallot. He would need to be kept calm at all times. No crying. Several surgeires throughout his life. For the first few months he would have to be fed very small amounts around the clock as to not stress his heart. He also had to gain weight slowly so his damaged heart could keep up.

Fast forward five months. He goes in for surgery. They find another hole in his heart. He has been splayed open, fixed temporarily until he grows so much more surgery is needed. He has complications but is sent home. Now he must not be exposed to many people and definitely no germs for six weeks. his Mom and God-Mother take up residence in the master bedroom of the family's apartment to keep as isolated as possible.

Misty has not been able to work in months. She has a family to support. Times are tough.

Please, consider making a donation to help this family make it through these times.

There are three ways to donate--if you are in the Nashville, Tennessee or Dickson, Tenneessee area just go to a Cornerstone Credit Union Branch. Tell them you need to make a donation to the Phoenix Garrett Account. Or you may send a donation through PayPal to any amount, no matter how small is needed. Small actions will add up to something big. Or you can go to Indiegogo by clicking here or on the box to the upper right.


Sept. 3 2012 Phoenix is still having crying spells that last up to an hour. The doctors warned this could happen. It happens around the clock. His heart rhythms still are not correct so they are now saying another surgery soon to put in a pacemaker. 

This will entail another blood drive. His blood is B negative. The doctors do not want to tax his already taxed body by giving him O negative. If you are B Negative and can get to Nashville be on standby and contact Misty below at her Facebook page so she can set the appointments up when the time comes. 

No matter your blood type, but especially if your Rh factor is negative, please donate blood on a regular basis.

Sept. 5, 2012 Phoenix saw his Pediatric Cardiologist yesterday. His heart is still out of rhythm. She wants to do a 48 hour test on him but the stickers have to go where his scar is. She wants to wait until that his healed so as to not risk irritation that could lead to infection. It does look as though he will be needing a pacemaker. 

He has also lost his appetite so the doctor has decreased his lasix dosage (this is to move the excess fluid from around his heart and lungs). He is already on 22 calories per ounce of intake and may need to go to 24 calories ounces per ounce.

Here is the link to the first story done by Fox17 Nashville.

Misty can be contacted through her Facebook page.
I can be contacted through my Facebook page.


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