Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bathroom Organizing Tip

As many ladies do, I had makeup and hair ties in a drawer in the bathroom, extras in a makeup bag and my hair barrettes, combs, etc. in baskets on the container. This was NOT conducive to even knowing what all I had much less getting ready in a reasonable time. 

Now, "reasonable time" is different for everybody. It was taking me about thirty minutes to get my face painted and hair done. 

I was tired of knowing I had a certain item but not being able to find it. That is such a waste of money & my nerves. 

One day while cleaning out the closet in the bedroom, I saw the smaller container you see on the top left above. It had been on my desk with pens, pencils, paperclips and such but I did not need it there any longer and sat it on the shelf in the closet. 

So into the bathroom it went and I put my hair combs, barrettes, and such in it. Then I hung these hooks and d-clips up and put different sizes of hair ties on each d-clip, then hung each clip on a hook.

As you see, I have also hung my mirror there now. 

Back to the little plastic drawers. On the left, top to bottom here is a list of what I have in each drawer:

  • Saline packets for my Neil Med SinuRinse
  • Bow barrettes for the grands when they come over
  • Small barrettes, smaller container with tiny, clear plastic bands, bobby pins
  • Barrettes-large
  • Spring clip Barrettes
  • Hair Combs
On the right you will find these items:

  • Lip gloss, lipstick, lip liners
  • Foundation, Face powder, face lotion
  • Blushes, all brushes in plastic holders
  • Eye Shadows
  • Eye Lash curler, mascara, eye liners, eye cream
  • Miscellaneous items
This has made getting ready in the mornings a bit faster, much less frustrating, and even packing for a trip is easier and faster. 

Not shown is on the other side of the sink, in the same place is a flat basket (from the Dollar Tree) with my brushes and combs. 

My hair spray, spray hair oil, and anti-breakage spray is sitting in front of the drawers. 

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