Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Update on My Brother

Don, as the family calls him, is doing better. Right now, it appears that he will be discharged on Wednesday, 30 April, 2008.

He was on the operating table for almost twelve hours on the 23rd. The doctor's had to rebuild his left hip joint, put a pin in the ball of the joint, placed numerous screws in both legs and they discovered a hernia right above the left hip and fixed that also.

The physical therapist explained that in the wreck his left hip joint came out of place and then the ball jammed into the socket so hard it crushed the joint.

Here is a picture of a healthy left hip joint:

Again, his knees are in pretty bad shape and it appears that in the wreck, the extra keys hanging down on his key ring, entered his left knee--doing damage.

He already had much pain in both knees.

Here is a picture of the left knee:

He will not be able to place any weight at all on his hip for at minimum of two months. When discharged he will probably be transported by ambulance from Atlanta, Georgia to Ware Shoals, South Carolina (that is not the exact town as I do not wish to put my family's address on the Internet.)

This will be a long, hard recovery process for him.

Mother is looking into him being able to go to a Rehabilitation Center until he can at least get around on crutches a little bit.

I'll keep you all posted as he progresses.

If anyone wants to send him prayers, good thoughts, etc. please do so through here and I will print and send to him.

Snail mail can be sent to:


Attn: Don

P.O. Box 22

Bon Aqua, TN 37025

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