Tuesday, April 1, 2008

If I Could Live It All Over Again

If I could live it all over again, starting at about 13, I would have put all my earned income in a savings account.

When I married, I would have went off the grid then, not planned to sometime in the unforeseeable future.

More of my children would have been born at home and each of them would have been fed as naturally as the first. (At 22 she still refuses salt because she never tasted till she was 3.)

We would have had our own organic food to eat and share.

I would have truly listened more often. Not just heard what was said but not have been thinking ahead while the other person was speaking. I would have shut off my mind and preconceptions and just heard every word, every inflection of their voice and thereby been able to understand and be more compassionate.

I would have not tried to please so many other people by being what they wanted me to be. i would have searched my own heart, at a much younger age, and discovered me, long before I did.

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