Sunday, September 25, 2011

Questions On Spirituality We Should All Answer for Ourselves

I began reading "Native Wisdom: Perceptions of the Natural Way" by Ed McGaa, Eagle Man. I only read a few pages. I read enough to understand that the book had come out of an invitation to speak, along with others of differing belief systems, at a college. He was addressing a Humanities class and they had submitted a set of questions they wanted to be answered by each speaker.

I turned to the back of the book and found the list of questions. Reading through these I realized that it would be truly beneficial for every person to answer these questions for themselves about themselves. 

In reality, how many of us can calmly, rationally and convincingly answer serious questions about our own Spiritual Beliefs?

Most of us were taught things like, "Never discuss religion." 'Never argue about religion."  and "Never discuss religion and politics in the same conversation."

I have never understood these idioms and I prefer to use the word Spirituality as opposed to religion. Your Spirituality, or claimed lack of it, affects every aspect of your thinking and living. How are we to ever understand and accept each other, if we do not discuss it?

These questions presented to Ed McGaa are divided up into sections, the sections reflecting a general category that the answers would fall under. He addresses each section of questions in a separate chapter of the book. These are as follows:

  1. Who is God?
  2. How did you become involved?
  3. Worldwide Philosophy
  4. Good, Evil and Afterlife
  5. Beseechment
  6. Miracles
  7. Rules, Restrictions and Conflict
  8. Hierarchy, Matriarchy, Patriarchy
  9. Government and Social Issues
  10. Followers of the Natural Way (note the sub-title of the book)
My plan is to answer the questions under each heading/chapter, for myself and where better to do this, than my blog? I would truly love to have a true conversation here on my blog, with my readers about this. Please do join in.

I make no promises about how often I will write but will try my best to write each week. 

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