Sunday, September 25, 2011

Native Wisdom Chapter 1 Questions

The questions posed to be answered by Ed McGaa, Eagle Man, during the speech that became the basis for Chapter One of the book are as follows:

  1. How does your religion define the Supreme Being?
  2. Share your thoughts on God. Did He create us?
  3. How does your religion explain the unknown, such as creation?
  4. Is this religion based on the existence of an immortal being?
  5. How did the "higher power" become the 'higher power"?
  6. How does your God manifest itself to humans?
  7. Is He always watching?
  8. Does your God have a gender?
  9. Is your religion defined by what one thinks and does?
  10. What is the underlying theme of your religion?
  11. Where do you believe your Supreme Being exists?
As you read and follow my blog within a blog about these questions and the others, it is imperative you remember that I am answering from my own heart and perspective. I do not, nor am I able to answer these questions for anyone else. 

As I was copying these questions from the book, I noticed that the Humanities students are already influenced by their upbringings, the society around them, media, etc. as we all are. They are assuming the "supreme Being" is male but then they realize the assumption and ask, "Does your God have a gender?"

I am looking forward to discovering my own beliefs in more depth as I answer these questions. My hope is that each of my readers will do the same thing. 

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