Wednesday, August 14, 2013


This piece was written 16 January 2001

Is blood really thicker than water? We all grow up being told it is. We all want to believe we can count our family in times of trouble, but can we?

We go through rough times and if they are Christians they will say they are praying for us. Most likely they do. Some will pray fervently and not stop until they get that prayer through to the throne room. Others will say a quick, "God help them." if they think about it.

Pretty much like your friends, some are good time buddies and some are there through thick and thin, sick and sin.

Is it that they think your troubles will rub off and they'll have problems also? Do they not want to make a sacrifice of anything? Do they think God is chastising you? Are they surface Christians? Do they think the trial will make you stronger?


Do they know they are God's arms and legs here on earth? Do they know God never wants His children to suffer? Do they know God may be chastising you, but that He answers prayer and this could be the time you hit your knees?

The Bible says that in the end times families will turn on each other... Are we living in the end times???

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