Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Of Bibles, Books & Denominations

This is something I wrote on 26 February 2001. It was previously published on a no defunct website that paid per view.

We recently met a gentleman that is a wonderful person. At least we thought so. He offered to help us out with transportation problems, taking me places when David was at work and offering to sell us his extra vehicle. We helped him gather wood and offered to help him with any chores around his homestead.

He approached his church to take up a love offering and have a clothing drive for us. We knew nothing of this and of all things did not need any clothes. I have sent a pick up load to the local food bank that gives clothes also and plan on sending more! My husband wondered how to let this church know they were not buying our "membership".

This gentleman then proceeds to let us know that only, or at least mostly, his denomination was going to Heaven. Now, I've heard of this sort of thing before but never encountered it. My personal beliefs are that man and NOT God created the different denominations. Your Godly, Christian character, your heart, your relationship with God will determine your entrance into Heaven.

The next point was that only the 1611 King James Version of the Bible is the real Bible and anyone that has ‘funny' Bibles in there home is asking for demons to come torment, oppress, and possess them. That very Bible says to study to show thyself approved. As KJV was not translated from the original languages but from other ‘versions' and knowing that something is lost in translating from one language to another, what is wrong with studying to show thyself approved?

Next came that only ‘church' is the correct place to worship God and gather with other believers. and that there has to be an ‘altar call' at each and every church service/gathering of believers. We have been fellowshipping with some Plain/Amish Christians. The Bible says not to forsake the gathering together of believers. In the early days of the Church, people met in each other's homes, caves, or wherever they could get together. Witnessing was done out. They went ‘out' to witness to those considered lost. If the altar call is to allow lost souls to pray for salvation, isn't it a moot thing if the gathering is of BELIEVERS?

God did not create the church building or denominations. He created us. He gave us His Son as atonement for our sins. He does not dictate that if you join one church or the other, that is the way to Heaven. He said we have to accept the offering of Jesus. We must confess to Him our sins. We are commanded to share the gospel with all we can.

Please, do not join the ranks of this man and loose sheep. My husband will not set foot in this particular church because of its views. My oldest daughter feels the same. My children had grown to love this gentleman and have now been hurt by him.

©Mary Ellen Harvley 2001
May not be copied or reproduced, in any way without prior permission from author.

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