Thursday, August 15, 2013


This piece was written 13 January 2001

Why do others question your decisions in your walk with God?

Is it really their business? Do they make themselves feel better by making you feel belittled? Are they trying to get God to see your faults so maybe He will lay off them??

It is so frustrating to pray and seek God's will for a situation and He tells you to do 'A' when your heart is screaming to do 'B'. You know you must submit to His grace, justice and love and obey, but you still have to deal with fear and questions.

You do something, knowing it is what God wants you to do. Knowing He has a greater thing to accomplish and what happens--those He called before you to do this, those He wanted to do it in the first place--try to make you feel like a dog.

Think before you run from God's calling. When you refuse to obey, He has to get someone else to do it in your stead. Your disobedience does affect more than just you. You may protect yourself from some pain, but you may cause pain for others.

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