Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brother Goes Home After Hip Replacement

Don had his surgery last Monday, 12 October, 2009. The doctors got him opened up and they had to remove a lot of hardware that was put in place earlier-screws, plates, a rod, etc. Then completely replace the left hip. The bone had grew back after the accident, curling at the ends where the new growth was. This had to be trimmed. Extension plates had to be put in.

On Tuesday he was up walking some in the morning and he walked " a lot" Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday he was in extreme pain. He could not do any physical therapy. Of course the hospital staff just thought that maybe he was not wanting to do the therapy and took him down anyway. Once the tears started, they took him back to his room, but the nurses just treated him as though he was not really in that much pain. The pain was coming from his back in the area of his kidneys.

Eventually one of his home health physical therapists came by to see him and saw the pain and went and talked to someone. His pain medications were adjusted and his doctor called.

The doctor called in a Urologist and many blood tests were run. His creatinine levels were elevated. Don was told to make sure the test results were given to his primary care physician and urologist.

The Orthopedist asked for Don to be transferred to a Rehabilitation Hospital/Physical Rehab Center but the one in Greenwood, SC does not have a standing contract to accept Medicaid (Don is receiving SSI) and Medicare denied to pay for it.

He will however, continue to receive Home Health Services. They are even coming out today, Sunday, to check on him and get him set-up.

He can put as much weight on his leg as he can stand, he can walk with the aid of a walker.

This hospital stay has lead Don and the medical staff to realize he is allergic to regular tape and must use paper tape.

I could hear the pain in his voice over the phone yesterday. He told me his goal is to do everything the therapists tell him do and a little bit more.

The Pastor at our church (Hodges Church of God will always be my home church no matter where I am at) is stepping down after many, many years of Pastoring. His last Sunday is the 25th of October 2009--Don wants to be there for that.

He has set himself a lofty goal all things considered.

With many prayers and a lot of dedication and determination he will make it.

Again, many thanks to all my loyal readers for their thoughts and prayers.

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