Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It is time once again for the annual Waccamaw Indian Pau Wau!!!!

I can not wait to get there. I'll go down on the Thursday before to set up and get relaxed and just have a some time to myself.

School Day is Friday and then Pau Wau on Saturday and Sunday!

Looks like Giorgianna and her family and maybe Virgillia and her children, will get to go. Not real sure yet about their job's and getting off-- also their Pa is getting re-married soon and that means another trip to South Carolina--frankly, I'd rather see them go to the wedding and attend Pau Wau next year as oppossed to miss their Pa's wedding.

I plan on having a jolly good time.

Lots of Indians.
Camp fires.
Fry Bread.
Salt Air to breath and salt sand to walk my bare feet in!!!

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