Friday, October 23, 2009

Kimberlee Came to See Unci

Okay, Unci is the Lakhota word for grandmother-go here to hear the proper pronunciation.

Through the efforts of the American government, Christians and other well-doers, the Waccamaw (and many if not most Nations and Tribes) lost their original languages over the years. We do know that our language was Siouan based.

I'll not go into a history/language/culture lesson here, as that is not what this post is about. Suffice it to say that I choose Lakhota to learn and teach the grandchildren for a reason.

Kimberlee's parents, my Virgillia and her husband Ivy (also father to all 3 children), are divorcing. As usual, it is hard on the children.

IJ, the three year old boy, came to stay with me a week, two weeks ago. Now, its Kimberlee's turn.

We made my camping cot (which never gets used anyways) out in the living room. She usually sleeps on the couch but I decided that making it a bit more special this time would be nice under the circumstances.

We got it out and went and found a foam bed overlay that had been brought out for Mr. Bob, but never used. She helped me get that on it and then we folded a comforter in half and put on it. Then a set of new sheets and a comforter to cover up with. All nice and fluffy now.

She really did not want to go to sleep, which is actually unusual for her--bedtime is bedtime and Unchi does not believe in "spoiling" the grandchildren. Loving re-enforcement of the home rules is the way to go.

Kimberlee said she missed her Mama and would she come get her tonight? I reminded her she brought her clothes to stay and we read a Bible story. I did sit on the couch and crochet until she fell asleep. Which did not take long since she had been yawning for an hour!

She insisted on having her doggie pillow, a little stuffed doggie and the blanket her Mama made for her.

Today we are trying on clothes a friend sent over for all the grands. All she is really interested in is the shoes--she has always loved shoes!

We may bake a cake in little bit. Poor Man's cake with chocolate and cake spice. Yum-Yum!

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