Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brother Has Hip Replacement

As many of you will remember, my brother, Don, was in a bad car wreck April of 2008 and pretty much crushed from the waist down.

He has spent many long hours of rehabilitation/physical therapy and had several surgeries.

Grady Hospital doctors in Atlanta, Georgia had him on the table for hours a week before sending him home to our elderly Mother in South Carolina.

He fought and finally got SSI and since then has been able to get the medical attention he has needed.

The doctor's went in Monday, 12 October 2009 to replace his left hip. It ended up being a good bit more extensive.

They had to remove all the hardware previously placed in there. Pins, rods, screws, etc. Bone that had not grown back properly.

Then they had to put more hardware in--the new hip joint that ended up being that plus bone extentions.

Don is in a lot of pain. He lost a lot of blood. His blood pressure keeps dropping.

It has not been a full 48 hours yet, but he's doing well.

Now we pray for a fast recovery, pain relief, and approval for his rehab/therapy.

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